A ‘quiz game’ competition that will determine the future of Jerusalem’s makeup game competition

An “interdisciplinary” makeup competition that aims to bring Jerusalem’s diverse makeup game community together has been announced by the organizers of the Jerusalem Urban Design Competition.

The “game” will be hosted by the Jerusalem Arts & Culture Committee and feature six “game pieces” that are part of the “game design”.

The pieces include a piece by the acclaimed Israeli artist Efraim Dror, a sculpture by local artist Shlomi Cohen, a video game inspired by Palestinian artists’ life experiences, a virtual reality video game, a musical instrument made of makeup and a “real life” photo-realistic portrait.

The first three pieces were announced earlier this month at the Jerusalem Art Week festival.

The fourth, by the Palestinian artist Yousuf Elhamad, was also announced on Monday.

Elhamad’s sculpture, “A Tale of Life and Death”, is currently the subject of a contest held in New York, where participants have been asked to “explore, critique and transform” it.

The piece was also chosen as one of the three finalists in the Jerusalem Games in the Arts category.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the winner of the contest will receive a cash prize of $200,000.

The game is being run by the Israeli-American company A.R.D.G.A., which is working with the Jerusalem city government and the Jerusalem International Film Festival to promote diversity and inclusion in the city’s makeup culture.

“We are proud to announce the first of six pieces in the game, Elhamada’s ‘A Tale Of Life and Time’, and we are grateful to the community of game designers and artists in Jerusalem for their hard work and passion,” said Erez Ben-Ari, president of the organization.

“This project is a game that will help promote diversity, inclusion and love, and we encourage all our friends and collaborators to participate.”

Elhamada is an Israeli-born Palestinian artist, who has exhibited his work in Tel Aviv, New York and Los Angeles.

The Jerusalem Urban Development Committee has been working with A.D.(B)G.

A.A. since 2012 to host a makeup game in the capital city, and the game will include eight “game components” that include a “game piece” that is part of “the game design”.

The eight “gamemakers” will create a virtual game environment, which is set in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The game will be available for free online and for a fee at the same time.

The six “gameworkers” will each receive $20,000, and each will be able to purchase a game piece and an “art object”.

The participants will then compete in a series of three contests over two weeks, in order to find a winner.

Elhamadas sculpture, for example, will be selected as the winner.

The competition will be open to all people, with a minimum of two participants.

The contest will be presented in a public, open forum, with participation limited to residents of Jerusalem.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, with the winner receiving $1 million.

“The beauty of the game is that it will be completely open to everyone and everyone will be invited to participate, whether they are new or experienced makeup game players,” said Ben-Shedar.

“We’re working with a diverse group of artists to bring this contest to life.

It will be a game of passion, creativity and inspiration that is going to bring together the best and brightest of Jerusalem.”

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